Thoughts, ideas and feelings are the anchors of creativity. The Image Takers respond to a brief by uncovering a brand’s essence and working towards powerful concepts - the basis of strong imagery, video and design.

Art Direction

The Image Takers Art Direction Team manages the artistic, conceptual and design elements of a project by translating desired moods, messages, concepts, and under-developed ideas into compelling visual assets.

Campaign Photography

Committed to capturing the tone and emotion of the brand story with vast technical experience and expertise, The Image Takers combine Concept and Art Direction capabilities to create quality, inspiring photography.

Product Stills & Video

The Image Takers produce effective ecommerce moving and still images to help a brand’s audience understand and retain information about a product. Our quality execution will help increase brand awareness and grow sales.

Campaign Video

The moving image has been proven to achieve results through engagement. The Image Takers understand story-telling and how to convey key messages through video for social and ecommerce platforms.


A form of communication that transcends all languages, The Image Takers understand design and the design process. With an internationally experienced graphic designer on the team, these skills inform all of our work.